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sqd is a global fresh fruit and vegetable export company founded 8 years ago. The company specializes in products such as dates, apples, oranges, pomegranates, kiwis, watermelons, carrots, onions and garlic, and has created a wide range of products and a wide network to become a world leader in the supply of fresh fruit products. We have worked hard to design safety and stability in our products and production processes. We choose the best harvested products. Any product

It goes through several stages of quality review and we ensure that only the best product is available to consumers. Our commitment to quality, supply and innovation is supported by the international procurement team.

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Company working principles

One of the important and principled steps of our company is the process of production to fruit packaging. This process is in fruit export after harvest from the sorting line to fruit packaging and is one of the important steps to supply the final product. The most important goal we achieved in this process is that fruits are selected for packaging that have a uniform size and quality. This is very important for standard packaging and final product supply in our company

Our company with various innovations and at the request of the customer in the packaging of fruit and vegetable products in the best conditions. The company uses fruit and vegetable packaging machines to maintain the freshness of the products, and this type of packaging is essential for maintaining the quality of the products in the long run.

As part of our responsibilities and obligations, we design safety and stability in our products and products

We maintain fully automated factories and factories with proper quality control systems and take all precautionary measures to ensure that the quality of our goods is first class.

We are proud to have received prestigious awards as the best exporter of fruits and vegetables in Iran


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